ASK Y offers support and information for families and friends of all loved ones lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes and is dedicated to the many who are yet to find answers.


ASK Y was founded 2 years after the sudden death of our son and the realization that so many families have been affected by the loss of loved ones due to cardiac arrhythmias.

It was increasingly apparent that in likeness to ourselves, the shock and incomprehension of why and how a young life could be taken without warning signs or symptoms of disease, has compounded the grief with helplessness, emptiness and continual questioning.

So many of us are left without answers. We are not advantaged to have a specific cardiac arrhythmic condition responsible, we have no diagnosis, our loved ones deaths are “unascertained”.

We hope that the information that we have researched and compiled will help with the many questions that you may have and that you will join us in our quest to create awareness, pursue answers and save lives.  The list of resources are some of many and have been included to provide further links to assist with support, information and education.

Gratitude and special thanks to Glen Pittock for designing and building this website.

As I held you I whispered "I will find out Why"  and Nothing Else Matters